Handcrafted Quality in Everything We Do

The Wood

Nothing says quality quite like fine wood. We select only the finest quality hardwoods with beautiful grain patterns, free from knots, scars or structural defects. The woods we choose are durable and possess a natural beauty that synthetic materials just don’t have. European Steamed Beech was chosen for its beautiful golden hue and it’s subtle grain pattern. Black Walnut for it’s intense dark chocolate appearance and bold grain pattern. These choices receive a simple low sheen clearcoat to highlight their beautiful characteristics and to seal the wood preventing shrinking or splitting. Hardwood Maple is the material of choice for our Crème and “Black No Sugar ” finishes. Chosen for it’s ability to receive paint and stain, Maple is very stable and ideal for these finishes. At Lignum we take great pride in our work and use the finest woods available to give you a lifetime of enjoyment.


The Leather

Continuing our desire to work with the finest natural materials leather was the obvious choice when choosing straps. And we did not choose just any leather, but rather the best quality North American bridle leather available. Local craftsman and long time leather worker, Sean Dalgetty handcrafts every Lignum leather strap and we are very grateful for his contribution to the success and fine quality of our products. Lignum offers you the choice of three leather colors to achieve your desired look.


The Hardware

The combination of leather with wood and bicycles was really something that has never been done before so Lignum was truly breaking new ground. We turned once again to the traditions of Leathercraft to find excellent fastening hardware to create our “safe strap” securing system. Simplicity and minimalism were guiding principles in developing a seamless and elegant securing solution and we are very pleased with the results. Quality and choice are essential to Lignum as they are to you and that’s the reason we chose to source our hardware from two different artisan shops in the USA. Their quality and color options were by far the best we’d seen and we are very pleased with what they provide us with.

Finally, when designing and selecting the special hardware for the Zadel unit we went to Germany for the finest soft close hinges available. We could not be more pleased with the function, performance, and quality these hinges bring to our popular Zadel bike hanger.