About Us

Thank you for visiting our site. If you’re here, chances are you are passionate about cycling and your bikes, just like me. It was from this passion and a few practical considerations, that the idea behind Lignum was born.

A few years ago after changing residences I found myself without the accustomed luxury of a garage. I was faced with the problem of what to do a with large collection of bikes and equipment. They were always in my way, constantly being moved around, bumped into and knocked over. Frame scratches and saddle and bar tape scuffs all took their toll on my bikes’ appearance, and the extra wear and tear on the walls and carpets wasn’t helping matters either. My bikes and my home are important to me and weren’t being treated well. This was my opportunity to realize a long time dream, to get my bikes On the Wall where I could admire them and show off my passion for cycling.

After searching for suitable indoor bike storage solutions I was unimpressed with what I found. Odd looking and unusual designs made of plastic or industrial-looking metal tubes with foam rubber ends were the majority of the offerings. They all seemed cheap and throwaway or were missing important features that I desired.

I had a vision of something better, something that had the quality and style that would make me proud to display my trophies in my home… furniture for my bikes. I would create my own indoor bike mounts and start up a new business to make my dream available to every cyclist.

The seeds for Lignum were sown. My goal was to design and construct the very best and most useful indoor bike mounts ever. I had a demanding list of criteria. The units had to be aesthetically pleasing and possess a small footprint inside a home or office. They had to keep bikes safe and secure from unintentional falls and from marring the frame in any way. The units had to assist in maximizing the use of interior space by allowing bikes to occupy unused wall spaces in the most efficient manner possible. Components and materials had to be of superior quality and possess durability, beauty and exceptional function. Finally the design and construction had to result in a product that was beautiful enough to display proudly in the home and rugged enough to stand up to regular daily use. I wanted products that would meet your needs and expectations just as much as mine.

I am absolutely convinced I have met my goals in designing and producing Lignum’s products. The combination of the finest woods, leather, and brass hardware together with our innovative design and exceptional craftsmanship, have resulted in a product line that I am truly proud to offer to our customers. I am equally proud to say that our products are made in Canada from materials primarily sourced from Canadian and American suppliers. I welcome, and invite you to experience and enjoy the Lignum difference, and I hope, like me, you realize the dream of getting your bike On the Wall.


Mike Bultje
Founder Lignum Bike Company